NATUS is a double flap smoke vent suitable for the removal of large quantities of warm air and/ or smoke from a building within a short period of time, daily ventilation and natural lighting.

Product Features

 Suitable for utilization on various curbs and domes. 

The vents are manufactured according to ISO 9001 quality control standards and comply with the European requirements for NSHE according to EN 12101-2. 

Reliability tests with 10,000 opening and closing cycles have proven its robust and functional design. The vents are formed from high quality corrosion resistant aluminium and steel to ensure low maintenance requirements and watertightness. Available on large dimensions, up to 2300 x 3000 mm (width x length). 

Aluminum Pictogram BK

Tempered Alumininum

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Opening Pictogram BK

Opening 90º

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Typical Applications

May be installed either onto roofs or into daylighting systems. Particularly suitable for warehouses, logistics centers, production environments, and industries. 

– Flat roofs 
– Skylights 
– Sandwich pannel roofs 


Aluminum; AlMg3 tempered, seawater resistant and corrosion resistant, and 
extruded aluminum profiles for the frames. 
Aluminum is supplied untreated, as standard. Free of silicones. 
Conical upstands in galvanized steel integrated in the vent 


Roof opening width: 1600-2300 mm
Roof opening length: 1600-3000 mm

Opening Angle


Controls Fire Ventilation

P2: double pipe compressed air operation

Controls Natural Ventilation

P2: double pipe compressed air operation


AL – Single aluminium
PC16 – Polycarbonate 16mm, clear or opal
PC25 – Polycarbonate 25mm, clear or opal


Depends on dimensions and type of infill.


Powder coated design (any RAL color);
Anti-fall grid1200J;
Thermal Insulation of the upstands from 20 to 50mm;
Upstands with anti-oxidant and waterproof welding.


The system has been tested and is certified in accordance with EN 12101-2

Reliability – RE1000
Ventilation – Yes, 10.000 cycles (total opening)
Snow load – SL 1200
Low temperature – T(-15ºC)
Wind Load – WL1500
Fire Resistance – B300