Multi louvred ventilator that provides an economic, nonpowered method of ventilation, allowing the removal of large quantities of warm air and/or smoke from a building within a short period of time.

Product Features

 The VENTRA F is suitable for air feed (facade), air extraction (facade) and natural lighting. 

The vents are manufactured according to ISO 9001 quality control standards. The vents are formed from high quality corrosion resistant aluminium, to ensure low maintenance requirements and watertightness. 

Various methods of operation using pneumatic or electric actuators are available. The ventilator design produces a versatile economic unit suitable for a wide range of applications. Available on large dimensions, up to 2400 x 3804 mm (width x length). 

Tempered Alumininum


Opening 140º,150º & 160º



RAL 9005

Tempered Glass



Typical Applications

Versatile scope of applications on facades, with an installation angle close to 90º.
Installations: industrial buildings, warehouses, logistics centres, shopping centres, atria, among others. 


Tempered aluminium, sea water and corrosion resistant (EN AW 5754). 
Corrosion resistant bearings. 
Built-in weather resistant hydrophobic tape. 

Note: aluminum is supplied untreated as standard. Possibility of being supplied with electrostatic painting (in any RAL color). 


Facade opening width: 300 – 2400 mm. 
Facade opening length: 746 – 3826 mm (17 louvres, max.). 

Installation Angle

Installation angle from 60º up to 90º.

Controls Natural Ventilation

P1: single pipe compressed operation
P2: double pipe compressed air operation
M230V: Electric Motor

Controls Fire Ventilation

P1F: Single pipe compressed air operation with fire fucntion
P2F: Double pipe compressed air operation with fire function
M24V: Electric Motor


AL – Single aluminium. U-Value=
AL ISO – Double Insulated aluminium. U-Value=
PC16 – Polycarbonate 16mm, clear or opal. U-Value=
Glass – Single glass 6mm. U-Value = 


Single aluminium
Possibility of insulated flange


Possible glazing from 17 to 62 mm.
Glazing beaded for standar glass.
Stepped glass for a more aesthetic version.
Combination of both (beaded and stepped glass).
Use the stepped glass below for inclinations from 2 to 33. 


Custom dimensions
Powder coated design (any RAL colour)
Bird or Insect Mesh
Thermofuse 68ºC/ 93ºC/141ºC
Available in tout temps version


The system has been tested and certified in accordance with EN 12101-2